About Bayfield Design

As educators, we create meaningful and effective online learning experiences for organizations to deliver to their learners or employees. Whether you hope to start a program from scratch, are taking an existing offline program and converting it into an online format, are in need of multimedia components to enhance your existing courses, or are looking to lease existing courses for your elementary or secondary schools, we have both experience and expertise. We have written, designed, and developed over 200 online courses of varying lengths and levels. Our commitment to education is rooted in our 20+ years of experience in not only creating courses but also in working with leading online schools in North America.

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Our Purpose

To empower every organization to deliver meaningful online learning experiences.

Every Day

Our team works collaboratively to employ instructional design, content development, and multimedia production expertise to build and support online learning opportunities.


CollaborationWorking together
IntegrityMaintaining a conscience
LearningStaying current
InnovationTrying new things
EmpowermentBuilding confidence


Our story begins in 1995 when Stephen Baker, our CEO and founder, began developing an online biology course to help replace outdated textbooks in his public-school classroom. With the support of colleagues, he continued to build online courses over the next several years. By 2001, he had launched Virtual High School, an independent online school offering Ontario Secondary School Diploma credit courses. Since then, VHS has evolved as an online content provider and school. Today, VHS offers over 70 courses to tens of thousands of students around the world in more than 120 countries, making it an international leader in providing online educational materials.

Throughout the evolution of Virtual High School, a talented and growing group of staff earned a wealth of experience in the areas of instructional design, content development, and multimedia production. When our team was approached about building online courses for a large, state-sponsored educational institution, we realized that we could, in fact, build online courses for other organizations and on a large scale. From producing a K–5 suite of courses across all disciplines for one of the largest online schools in the United States to converting a Canadian post-secondary institution's on-ground courses into online content, the numerous challenges faced and the successes achieved by our teams have led us to recognize the strengths and potential that we have within the online learning industry beyond Virtual High School.

With success and expertise in online learning development, Virtual High School's principal decided to form Bayfield Design. With many of the same content developers, multimedia specialists, instructional designers, and project managers involved in Virtual High School's online learning development initiatives, we continue to nurture the growing passion for online learning that started over two decades ago. Our staff consists of qualified educators at every level of the organization, allowing us to have a coordinated understanding of any online learning vision from the outset through to completion.

At Bayfield Design, we come to work every day to effect change in education with a focus on the future of learning. Through integrity, innovation, collaboration, continuous learning, and empowerment for all involved, Bayfield Design provides the most effective online learning programs for organizations and learners around the world.

Meet Our Team

Who is behind all of this? An eclectic group of individuals united by a passion for online learning is what makes Bayfield Design so unique.

Our Team