An abstract scene including three people each holding a piece of the online course, showing the various components and the collaboration involved in our design and development service.

Design & Development

Our experienced instructional designers will work with your team to determine the needs and goals of your learners. During this consultation phase, we will create a detailed storyboard to provide our writers and content developers with the tools and context they need to build engaging courses for your learners. The storyboard guides our multimedia team as they produce appealing graphic, video, and audio assets and allows our web development team to develop interactive applications, create style guides, and build in accessibility at the core of all content.

What Design &
Development Encompasses

Instructional Design

  • Determining the best way to teach a concept
  • Identifying the most effective way for learners to achieve learning goals
  • Planning the assessment and evaluation strategies
  • Selecting themes, interactives, characters, and other engaging components
  • Developing support materials for instructors


  • Incorporating accessibility features
  • Building or customizing a style framework
  • Designing or customizing interactives

Content Development

  • Writing content and assessments
  • Developing online materials
  • Planning multimedia assets
  • Creating interactive activities
  • Copy-editing

Project Examples

  • Writing content for an online course or entire online program
  • Converting an offline program into an online program
  • Designing and developing a brand new online program
  • Providing educators with hybrid learning tools they need to support in-class teaching

Transform Your Idea into Reality

We've refined a collaborative process to ensure our clients are involved throughout each project.

Our Process