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Program Management

Flexible learning opportunities are in demand to support the needs of today's learners. As learning technologies continue to evolve, K-12 schools and post-secondary institutions are identifying the need to develop online learning options for their courses and programs.

With our team of online education specialists, Bayfield Design is poised to support the growth and development of online learning programs customized to the needs of each school, university, or college. With decades of experience in online program management through Virtual High School, Bayfield Design has a refined approach to program management that is focused on tailoring the online program to the organization.

One size does not fit all when it comes to online program development and management, so let's work together to build something awesome for your school, university, or college! Whatever your needs are, we've got you covered.

Our Strategy

Consultation: Let's Collaborate

  • Review of organizational needs, enrolment data, market data
  • Discussion on program model and delivery options with key stakeholders
  • Recommendations for the best delivery method based on unique organizational requirements
  • Analysis of existing learning products
  • Short-term, mid-term, and long-term recommendations based on organizational goals
  • Strategic plan for online program development and delivery within allotted timeframes

Course Design & Development: Tailor Your Program

  • Collaboration with subject matter experts and/or key stakeholders in the faculty or program to be delivered online
  • Identification of scope of project, including defining learning goals or completing a curriculum gap analysis
  • Project management for online program development or supporting internal project management efforts
  • Application of our refined approach to Design & Development for online courses
  • Quality assurance reviews and consultation on accessibility and web best practices

Program Delivery Support: 3, 2, 1, Launch!

  • Ongoing management of online program
  • Routine edits and updates to content
  • Customized maintenance packages
  • LMS support and management
  • Student support and onboarding
  • Faculty training and onboarding
  • Digital and print marketing consultation, support, or full-on coordination
  • Ongoing technical support

Related Experience

Bayfield Design was established after decades of experience working at Virtual High School. During that time, the Bayfield Design team gained experience in the following:

Virtual High School

  • Online program management and administration
  • Delivering 75 different online courses with multiple versions and teachers
  • Managing 9,000 online students
  • Marketing, enrolment, retention, and administration of a global online high school program

Virtual Elementary School

  • Online program management and administration
  • Delivering 15 different online courses with various learning models for independent study or teacher support
  • Marketing, enrolment, retention, and administration of one of the first online elementary school programs in Canada

Transform Your Idea into Reality

We've refined a collaborative process to ensure our clients are involved throughout each project.

Our Process