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We're Experienced

Our years of experience give us unique insight into the world of online learning. We've developed over 200 online courses from start to finish, among smaller projects like writing lesson plans and creating a detailed question library. We've worked with diverse clients, from tiny community groups to massive corporations–chances are, we've either done what you're looking for and can do it again, or we understand your needs and are excited to collaborate with you.

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We're Flexible

We adapt to your schedule. Whether you're looking for rapid course development or gradual development over a longer period, we can make it work. Our scheduling team has mastered the art of managing our resource time. We know that the complexities and stages of every project are unique and the levels of review and approval can vary from one project to the next, even within the same organization. We're ready to make our schedule fit yours.

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We're Passionate

We love what we do. We come to work each day to positively affect education. We have seen firsthand how online learning creates opportunity, and this opportunity inspires us to think bigger. All the planning, design, development, multimedia, and technology coming together to create a brilliant learning experience is what drives us to collaborate and create every day.

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We're Human

We thrive on communication and collaboration—you talk, we listen, we respond. We aren't robots, and we don't want to be. We know the needs of each client and each group of learners is unique, so we don't try to offer cookie-cutter solutions. We make mistakes just like anyone, but we continue to develop strategies to handle errors. We're based in a village—yes, we really mean that. The small-town aura is sure to shine through in our work together.

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